Mr. Sang Yoon - Yoon

TO mark its territory

How our unconscious behavior and acting are reflected by social group and personal space?

When we get out from own house, we are being involved society or being isolated.
Our body can start to travel from family to group and group, where we may be found out our sharing identity or non-sharing individuality.
What my concept aims to do is search that how group territory shows their invisible power to individual person or to other group to keep the balance, and how identity and individuality can be managed to join the group.
When we are travel group to group, our bodies are reflected from the fact that we all carry with us, everywhere we go. And it is possible to predict that our body feel rejected or threatened when we join the new group. The reflection from group territory, which we have learned how to react. This is what we are allowing others or ourselves to learn the rules of being a member of group. Thus, to be shared with others, we look for the similar \'common sense\' conceptions of territorialality which makes us act in different way. This sharing system which reduces dispute, fighting, feeling of rejection, feeling of threatening etc, more than it can be caused it. However, there is permanent individuality which cannot be shared with others. And this permanent non sharable identity made another space.

  Bring it home to me
유화 | 160X140X10cm | 2009
2007 Chelsea college Art and Design |Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art 졸업

2004 추계예술대학교 서양화과 졸업

Group Exhibition

2003, Dec Jong-Ro Gallery, Seoul

2004, Feb Seo-Jong, Gwang-Hwa-Mun Gallery, Seoul

Group Live Painting Show

2004, Oct 134-135 Shore ditch High street, London

2004, Dec 134-135 Shore ditch High street, London

2005, Mar 93 Feet East Brick Lane, London

2005, Apr Cafe 1001 Brick Lane, London

2005, May 93 Feet East Brick Lane, London
임선희 | In the Drama
배정미 | 하얀 새